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The Story of Frass

Frass: English Translation . High . Definition. Slang expression used to state that one is under the influence of marijuana. Example Sentences. Patois: Mi tek two draw adi frass rolling papers packed with herb, and mi frass

The Frass story began in Jamaica in 2001 when a group of friends known as the “Frass” family would gather regularly to share good food, good music, good vibes and of course, get ‘frass’. 

Out of work due to Covid-19, We were inspired by our Frass Family and took the opportunity to fulfill our dream of being an entrepreneur, and to represent our generation, while still appealing to all generations of cannabis users. Thus Frass Rolling Papers was born.  As a man who was born in the 70’s, grew up in the 80’s and became an adult in the 90’s, this dream has been to embark on a new family legacy, and impart some cannabis culture and history to the world; while delivering high quality products.

The Frass family is all about inclusivity, whether you are a recreational enthusiast or medicinal user.

The Frass Rolling Paper line includes three skins:  Gold, Freedom, and Mobay, which all offer a different story about Jamaican cannabis culture.

Gold: Gold Original Hemp serves to educate on the war on drugs up to legalization.  The war started in 1971 leading to legalization in 4 countries, 15 states and 2 territories in the USA and 1 territory in Australia.  #dayone

Freedom: Freedom Natural Hemp papers represent the new world and the new times we live in.  Freedom of expression, freedom of self and awareness of self.  #befree

Mobay:  Mobay Bleach hemp papers represent the ultimate relaxation that comes from being in the islands.  Palm trees, sunshine and blue skies.  Where you feel at home, relaxed and at peace.  #mobay

Join the Frass Family.  It’s the only way to roll.

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